Catnapp (Buenos Aires, Argentina) starts in year 2009.
Mainly drum and bass with a bit of breakbeat and jungle at the beginning, then adding squarer, darker, "technoer" and also mellower beats; creating a hefty and emotional atmosphere.
First show dated at the beginning of 2010 with Dj Loder at the turntables and Cat on the microphone.
Now a days Catnapp has a very happy agenda filled with live presentations and other severe events.
It keeps spinning around different styles, not fully "tagable" for now, wanting to continue mutating and transforming, like people and their emotions do.
Day after day.


05-2010 - CtodaT - Blackside Inc.
09-2010 - Catterpillar - (No Label)
08-2011 - Bardo - Blackside Inc.
03-2012 - We Got This (Single) (No Label)
05-2012 - No Money Whatever - Caballito Netlabel
09-2012 - Make Your Speakers Boom - If The Kids Records - Pharrell Williams 2013 - A Cliff in an Eyeblink 2014 -